About the State Web Template

The State Web Template is an open source web template maintained by the Office of Digital Services within the Department of Technology. Our components are designed to enhance the user experience and help digital teams create attractive, consistent, and accessible digital products. The State Web Template will always be open source, collaborative and evolving.

Why our template matters

Digitally connecting Californians to the government services they need has become increasingly more critical. Great design is central to succeeding in that effort. We offer this web template to help make digital information and services easier to use.

Our mission

Enhance the delivery of digital services for California residents through user experience design.

Our vision

Create excellent digital state services for California residents that are inclusive, accessible and performant.


A long time ago, the eServices Office was established to lead statewide initiatives providing leadership in statewide web policy, CA.gov portal and the digital government footprint. We have come a long way but our core vision and mission has not changed.

The creation of a statewide web template was a strategy and framework to align on California's digital touchpoint. The state web template has evolved from a technical toolset to a digital standard and tactical playbook on delivering useful, accessible, and performant user experiences.

Looking ahead

Over the years, and with each state web template release, we've improved the access of online government services with:

  • Updated best practices
  • Responsive design elements
  • Web accessibility
  • Improved performance

Version 6 of the State Web Template is this last state template. We’ve updated and provided guidance on the design and technology. Now, we’re developing the California Design System Eureka. Eureka is expected to release at the end-2024. It uses what we’ve learned from the State Web Template and the beta version of the California Design System. We strive to improve the digital experience of Californians and our partnership with State agencies.