State Template V6

Use the latest version of the template to develop your websites and applications

What's new in V6


Content patterns are now available! This design solution will enhance your visitors' experience and help them complete their tasks.

Enhanced navigation

Better wayfinding and new side navigation makes developing user-friendly websites easier than ever.

Refreshed visual design

We’ve enhanced our typography with the Public Sans font family. Strengthen your department’s brand and content with this strong, neutral typeface.

The State Template is one step closer to the Design System

The final release (V6) of the State Web Template is part of a planned move to the Design System . V6 of the State Template moves us one step closer to a new statewide digital standard. This timeline describes our planned activities and release dates.


Release the beta version of the new statewide Design System


Update the State Web Template V6 to align with the Design System


Release the first production version of the Design System


Continue to improve the Design System and support a transition to it

Who's using the new design system

Homepage screenshot of Climate Action website.

Climate Action

The Design System components and structure made it easier to develop and design. With less time focused on engineering, the team could focus their time on content, UX design, and branding. This site shares important climate-saving programs to Californians.
Homepage screenshot of California's Abortion Access Portal website.

California abortion access

This site launched in three weeks! The new template gave the design team an ability to fast track the design and information architecture. The template proved critical in sharing official information on women’s health.

Partner with us

Improvements to the State Web Template and the Design System are largely driven by your feedback.  We’d love to hear from you!

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