Template updates

We are continually improving the California State Web Template. View release features by date for items that have been added or updated.

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Release features

State Web Template release updates table featuring version number, release date, and the release high level description
Version Date Description
6.1.1 3-28-23
  • Added new pagination component
  • Added new executive profile component
  • Updated search results look and feel
  • Fixed multiple accessibility issue throughout website
  • Added new pattern samples such as newsroom, news-list, and article
6.1.0 12-23-23
  • Updated alert banner
  • Added 8 new icons to the CAGov icons font
  • Added side navigation component
  • Added pagination to the icon search page
  • Added new contact us form that posts feedback to airtable
6.0.9 11-23-22
  • Updated navigation structure, information architecture and content flow
  • Updated side navigation styles
  • Added new feature banner component into patterns samples
  • Added new step list component into the progress tracker pattern
  • Added automatic "on this page" navigation component
6.0.8 7-30-22
  • Updated site structure and framework to use eleventy site generation and replaced server site includes with njk includes and templates
  • Added new components such as feature card, link grid, and side navigation
  • Updated State Web Template's styles to make structural components to look like CA Design System
6.0.7 12-16-21
  • Added responsive font size calculation functionality and adjusted some of the components to responsive font sizing
6.0.6 11-24-21
  • Removed jQuery
6.0.5 06-02-21
  • Removed unused JS libraries and made fixes to service tites and carousel components
6.0.4 04-21-21
  • Fixed links accessibility issues and updated jQuery version
6.0.3 03-26-21
  • Fixed multiple accessibility issues
6.0.2 04-28-20
  • Added 22 more new icons (including COVID-19 icons) to the CaGov font library
6.0.1 01-31-20
  • Updated accordion keyboard accessibility
  • Added parallax sample page
6.0.0 01-31-20
  • Added new pages that provide more usability directions
  • Added new modules such as blurb, modal and timeline
  • Added new color schemes such as Delta, Santa Cruz and Shasta
  • Added new icons to CAGov font library

Find changelogs for V6 and earlier on the GitHub production release page.