What's new in V6

Version 6 of the State Web Template has a new look and feel. V6 sets a modern digital standard that aligns with the California Design System.

New patterns section

Content patterns are a brand new addition to the State Web Template. Patterns are reusable combinations of components that solve common user problems. These best practices help users achieve their goals and ease consistency across experiences.


The template code was updated to modernize your site's structure and framework. These updates include:

  • Rebuilding the framework to use eleventy site generation.
  • Replacing server-side includes (SSI) with njk includes and templates.
  • Using json files and eleventy logic to generate side navigation and breadcrumbs.
  • Separating the sample website from the core code base allowing for a quick and easy start of a new web project.
  • Enables sites to render markdown files in HTML.


Now, it’s easier for people to find what they need. We improved our navigation and have new side navigation. Some of these improvements include:

Visual design

The template, website, and most components have been redesigned to:

  • Visually align the structure , typography , and components to the Design System.
  • Update page layouts to improve the user experience.
  • Enhance the utility of the homepage.
  • Added new icons to the icons font library (copy, cut, paste, save, and quotation mark).

Component updates

We improved the overall design and functionality of all our components.

Components in the V6 release:

  • Are consolidated by functionality.
  • Enhance the structural components and patterns.
  • Improve blockquote, tabs, and accordion components.

User experience

V6 includes new page layouts and features to help you find and use the template content you need. Some user experience improvements include:

  • A dynamic icon search feature and enhanced icon navigation.
  • A sticky side menu to simplify browsing and reduce scrolling.
  • Collaboration channels so you can provide feedback and report bugs.

Helpful content

The website content was completely rewritten and expanded. The content focuses on usability and plain language. These updates include:

  • Usage guidelines for all components and patterns.
  • Links to content and design style guides from the Design System.
  • Helpful placeholder content for component examples.
  • Improved homepage content.
  • A What’s new page that details technical and non-technical changes.

Version 6 improves user experience and navigation through the site.

These content and design improvements should help all members of your digital teams.

Find a complete change log on our GitHub production release page .