Download and setup

Template Files

State web template frameworks

Essential state template files without sample content. Choose your framework to get started.


HTML base of the state web template


Static site generator framework


Front end user interface framework


Server side web application framework

Sample template content and files

An HTML starter site contains sample pages. These include local references to the State Web Template CSS and JavaScript files. The source code contains comments to easily identify structural components and page sections.

NPM Package

You can use NPM registry to install the California State Web Template core package. This contains all the necessary State Web Template CSS, JavaScript and fonts files.

Content delivery network (CDN)

You can use our CDN links to load essential static resources from the template libraries. This can reduce latency, increase performance, and provide the fastest site experience.

Template guidance

Resources to help you integrate the template into your website.

Implementation steps

High-level steps to take when you upgrade to the latest template.