Other names: News article, press release

The Article template provides a clear and user-friendly layout for a news article. Each article contains:

  • Category
  • Publication date
  • Article title or headline
  • Sub-headline (optional)
  • Author (optional)
  • Social media share icons
  • Article body
  • Press contact (optional)

These items give a hierarchy of the content, which increases usability.

Article template

Featured news


When and how to use it

Use this page pattern for content that captures information at a point in time. This includes news articles, press releases, or blog posts. You can also use this as part of a digital publication.

Use other components on this page, as needed.

Tip: Make sure that important content does not only appear in news articles. Articles age immediately after publication. Publish the content somewhere better on your website.

How not to use it

Avoid using this template for content that is not a press release, an article, or similar content.

Typography and components used

  • Lead text
  • Horizontal separator
  • Icons


Standard accessibility review

Each time a new component version is published:

  • Test with the axe accessibility tool
  • Review with the VoiceOver or NVDA screen reader
  • Ensure all actionable elements are accessible by keyboard command and tab in a logical order
  • Check the component layout on a variety of screen sizes